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Listen Léon lets people generate viral goodness by sending anonymous compliments and mapping everyone's strengths. Dare to care. Dare to share!

Collective power

We all have the power to help our peers become their best selves.

New types of organisations

Based on real & proven strengths where each talent can flourish and help others.

Gratitude power

By learning to observe our peers with care and wonder, we will place cooperation at the heart of our society.

The strong impact of giving

Let us surprise you ! You receive anonymous compliments. You do not know who, you do not know when, sincerity guaranteed.

Explore your strengths

Our AI reveals the best in everyone to grow our positive impact together.

Mutual aid driving innovation

By mapping your strengths and anonymously seeing those of your colleagues, you can give someone a hand or shout out for help.

Discover our Super Léon

More than a mascot, Léon transforms organisations by changing attitudes over the long term and creating new uses.

Read the genesis

Make the world vibrate!

With Listen Léon's app, spread the power of gratitude around you by sending compliments to your peers.

You receive compliments

You receive spontaneous high quality stories of your distinct strengths and talents from your peers.

Our Super Léon analyses them

We collect these testimonies and our great Léon analyzes your positive feedbacks to find recurring themes.

You receive your Constellation's strengths

Our super Léon composes your best self portrait in real time & provides ongoing updates.

It's your turn !

Just do it for others! Share positive feedback of colleagues, bosses, friends, family at their best.

Let's discover in video
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They trust us

During his journey, our great Léon met beautiful people wishing to put cooperation at the heart of their organization.

Force Ouvrière
RTE, Réseau de transport d'électricité
Pôle Emploi
BPI France
French Tech
Great Place To Work
Airbus BizLab
La Ruche
French Impact
Toulouse Business School
Technopôle De l'Environnement Arbois-Méditerranée
Clinique de la Psychologie Positive Canadienne
BFM Académie Saison 14
Startup Weekend Aix-Marseille
UE & Région Sud
Région Sud Investissement

Customers & Ambassadors testimony

What beautiful feathers say about Leon

BFM Business
Comment ça Marche
France Inter
La Provence
Lab de L'inattendu
My Happy Job

Listen Léon's Team

3 founders who came together, united around strong values:
Boldness, Excellence and Humility

Yannick Dalbin
Yannick Dalbin
The Bear
Léon le Bienveillant
Super Léon
The Peacock
Marion Choppin
Marion Choppin
The Zebra

Our agents of change: the trainers of Leon's Ambassadors

Marine Miglianico
Marine Miglianico
#Appreciative Inquiery
Jacques Forest
Jacques Forest
#Chercheur de Forces
Jean-Christophe Thibaud
Jean-Christophe Thibaud
#Intelligence Emotionnelle
Stephanie Violland
Stéphanie Violland
Consultant & coach
#HR transformation
Edith Maulandi
Edith Maulandi
Dataviz Specialist
#Joy Experience
Maxime de Beauchesne
Maxime de Beauchesne
Raison d'être
Didier Chambaretaud
Didier Chambaretaud
Speaker & Writer
Laetitia Lamaze
Laetitia Lamaze
Activateur de confiance
#Performance durable

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