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How kindness improves our well-being

  Can everyday displays of kindness be an act of self-care?   As children, kindness is one of the cardinal skills that our parents instill in us. We learn to choose positive language because once you say something, you cannot take it back. We learn that...

Libérer le potentiel de la motivation intrinsèque avec la pratique d’une gratitude pure.

Détour d'une conversation avec Thibault Perrin Phd Candidate - Great place to work. Au détour d'une inspirante conversation avec Thibault, nous avons échangé autour de la motivation intrinsèque. Thibault nous a révélé l'expérimentation qui donna naissance à la théorie...

WEBINAR – Positive Leader “3 major steps towards a successful transformation journey”

What are the biggest challenges faced by organizations and leaders? Because stagnation is never an option for bold leaders, discover 3 major steps towards a successful transformation journey, with use cases from seasoned leaders within international organizations....

Listen Léon is now ready to scale with Microsoft !

Listen Léon has some exciting news to share! We have been selected to be part of the Microsoft for Startups program, which will give us access to many more resources and guidance to grow and thrive in our work. Hey, that sounds like something we get to hear about a...

Une culture d’entreprise positive qui séduit même les plus critiques

On admet volontiers qu’une culture d’entreprise toxique peut nuire considérablement à une organisation, voire causer sa perte, mais prend-t-on suffisamment conscience de l’importance d’une culture d’entreprise positive ? Chez Listen Léon, nous rencontrons tous les...

Comment formuler un feedback positif efficace ?

Nous avons tendance à limiter le feedback à deux occasions : un recadrage pour ceux dont les résultats laissent à désirer, et des applaudissements pour les plus brillants. Et l’immense majorité de nos collaborateurs, oscillant entre ces deux pôles, ne reçoivent pas le...

L’outil de management préféré des leaders positifs

Quel est le dernier feedback positif que vous ayez reçu ? Si la réponse ne vous vient pas tout de suite, il est probable que votre entreprise soit en train de passer à côté d’un formidable outil de gestion des talents. Trop souvent sous-estimée, la reconnaissance est...

6 Reasons why Taking vacations makes you a better leader

Finally, vacations are here, for sure the most waited time of the year! 🏖 We all dream about the feeling of warm sand in your toes, a tasty cocktail in hand, and the sweet sound of work email pinging on your phone. Wait, what?! That sounds more like working remotely...

Good Leadership is an act of kindness

Don't you find it unbelievable? 🧐A recent Gallup survey found that less than half of employees feel strongly that their employer does not care about their well-being. 😣 Good Leadership Is an Act of Kindness is the most innately human leadership strategy.Being kind to...

Making Kindness A Priority In The Workplace

Is kindness important at the workplace? Here we bring you some clues 🕵️‍♀️Kindness is not always seen as a priority in the workplace, especially as it can contrast with the traditional image of a successful entrepreneur.   Haven't we been told that "nice people...
Anatomy of a positive leader

Anatomy of a positive leader

What is the anatomy of a positive leader? 🤓 Being an effective leader includes many aspects, from experience and knowledge right through...

Énergie positive

Positive Energy

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to find the energy to move forward and build new projects? 🔋

Reconnaitre et activer nos forces : L’authenticité

Reconnaitre et activer nos forces : L’authenticité

L’authenticité est une vertu par laquelle un individu exprime avec sincérité et engagement ce qu’il est profondément.
Quelles sont ces personnes authentiques dans votre équipe ?
And how do we activate this strength within us?

Pourquoi « Léon » ?

Why « Léon » ?

Since the launch of the Listen Léon adventure, our muse Léon le Paon has been arousing curiosity and raising questions.
The peacock is born to shine wherever it is. It is majestic. We all have a peacock inside of us that needs to be awakened.
We explain everything about the choice of the mascot Léon to embody our values.